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HI all thank you so much for the support. We are working hard at the moment removing hobgoblin heads and pegging them so they work with all 28mm models . they will be sold as hat packs separately for both standard and mongol types . We are running a promotion that if we get fully funded in the next 72 hours we will remove the stretch goals for the 2 hat upgrades and included them for free in all hobgoblin warrior,ranger or rider packs in 28mm a 8-16 dollar value !!!!. We also fixed several issues such as added sargents 10 and 28mm or number of bulls for 10mm were not shown properly in pledges . please please remember main page shows updated amounts as cant even change and add to pledges after selected by a backer ,

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Here is the update , all backers have been sent STL masters for there backed items. The STL files are going live today on the Dancing Yak Miniatures Store and will be available to you to download. All

Were updating the website this weekend. we apologize for lack of updates here. We have been posting updates to and the kickstarter page. Most pages are working


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