digital stl files for chaos gaint cut to four peaces to make easyer printing in larger scales . arms are peged and can be posed ,scaled to 28mm .can though be printed from 10 mm up to 54mm and well beyond 

If you wish to buy a licence to print and sell physical models of this please email us a

Models are as show . Files are sent via zip and are Stl they are sized as said but can easly be scaled to other sizes. Sale is for the digital file not physical one. Download link is send with an automated email via site provoder. All files Are the property of Dancing Yak Minitures and are for personal non commercial use . They may be modified but may not be sold or uploaded elsewere . By buying you agree to TOS which may be read before buying by clicking on the folllowing  HERE 

sculpted & designed by Yakkov.W and Ari.I

STL 28mm chaos giant . Also usable for 6,10,15 and 54mm

$30.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price